Our Team

Receiving Team

Our dedicated team understands how important this area is as they know if counts are inaccurate problems will be exposed down the road.  The physical condition of your items being delivered to us is very important.  With digital images of damage or packing slips being scanned, you get instantaneous info at your fingertips. Tenure in this area is 15 years.

Warehouse Team

Once your items have been accepted by our receiving team they are passed along to our warehouse team where they re-inspect it & then place your items in our warehouse.  This team is responsible of the management of all items moving in/out.  Tenure in this area is 36 years.

Pick/Pack Team

Our team understand & works diligently to pick/pack your orders correctly.  We guaranty 100% each order will be picked/packed correctly, or we will pick up the freight/cost of items.  Tenure in this area is 32 years.

Production Team

Since 1985 we have seen & built all kinds of kitting projects. No matter what type of kitting project you have, we can provide expert guidance & provide a solution that is produced on time & within budget.  Tenure in this area is 31 years.


Shipping Team

Our team in this area excels in utilizing a proprietary shipping platform that is linked to all carriers & they can provide “Best Way” & “Rate Shop” each of your orders.  Tenure in this area is 1 year.

CSR Team

Isn’t open & prompt communication important?  Of course, it is BUT so many companies just don’t get it.  Our experienced, professional CSRs are willing to go the extra mile to make you feel Comfortable & YOU are NEVER a bother!  Tenure in this area is 20 years.

Direct EDJE

This software company, was established on February 1, 1998.  Their ONLY mission was/is to build the best fulfillment (WMS/OMS) software in the world.  They succeeded…. In October 1998 they released version 1 of Direct Response™ which was deployed using “SAAS” (software as a service).  Yes, in the cloud back in 1998!  Our team are pioneers!  Tenure in this area is 26 years.

Management Team

Since 1985, the management team have steered this company to its solid footing.  They understand team members & the best in software is what sets Direct Resources apart from any other company in the world.  See above. Tenure in this area is-from the beginning!