Product Fulfillment

Direct Resources, Inc. manages your inventory and shipping efficiently and accurately, by utilizing advanced fulfillment software along with an experienced team of fulfillment specialists. Our 160,000 sq foot purpose-built warehouse and production space stores your inventory safely, securely and should you require, we offer a climate-controlled environment. Direct Resources, Inc.’s constant care and attention to detail assures your items reach their destination in perfect condition. Direct Resources, Inc. is the standard for reliable and convenient corporate fulfillment. Fortune 100 corporations have entrusted their materials to Direct Resources, Inc. since 1985. Our long term clientele have utilized our order fulfillment, product fulfillment, inventory management, distribution, and kit assembly services consistently with superior results. Located in Houston, Direct Resources, Inc. has access to one of the largest shipping ports in the country as well as easy access to major trucking and rail routes. Your order expedites with efficiency and timeliness.

Our corporate fulfillment services include:

  • Direct Response™ Order Management Software
  • Pick & Pack
  • Kit Assembly
  • Secure Warehousing (including a vault)
  • 24/7/365 Video Camera Security Surveillance
  • Fully Racked & Bar-Coded 160,000 sq. ft. Warehouse
  • Multi-user Web-Based 24/7/365 Order Management
  • Online Reports – Available 24/7/365
  • Email & SMS Text Notifications
  • Product Inspection
  • Re-Packaging
  • Display Assembly
  • Ocean Container Storage, Handling
  • Climate-Controlled Storage
  • Handwork – Kit Building and Product Mailout
  • Return Merchandise Authorization

Literature Fulfillment

Direct Resources, Inc. is recognized as the leader in providing literature and publication fulfillment services to Fortune 100 companies. Your needs and expectations are exceeded by our highly experienced team who are able to assemble and dispatch your literature in a timely manner. Clients have the option to use their inventory to create kits or utilize our fulfillment specialists to print “on-demand” materials. Our fulfillment specialists have successfully created materials for an array of industries including, insurance, financial, catalog, manufacturing and service. Direct Resources, Inc. provides the capability to build literature and publication kits, receive order confirmations, and maintain up to date status reports on-line from anywhere in the world.

Direct Resources, Inc. provides the following literature and publication fulfillment services:

  • Full On-Line Facilities
  • Including Order Entry Control
  • Print On Demand Services
  • Efficiency In Dispatching Literature & Publications
  • Quality Control
  • Pick & Pack
  • Presort & Palletization To Reduce Distribution
  • Kit Assembly
  • Nationwide & International Distribution