Why Choose Us?

Since 1985, we at Direct Resources have the fulfillment knowledge to be called specialists. Our employees are seasoned fulfillment experts, most with over 15 years at our company. Our software is by far the most user-friendly, web-based, real-time warehouse management system available. It is used by some of the top Fortune 100 companies and entrepreneurs introducing new products. Our dedication to you, our future customer, is only measured by how well we perform.

Our Proactive System

At Direct Resources we provide the tools you need to directly access and effectively manage your fulfillment needs 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world. Our proactive fulfillment system is designed to put you in full control with convenient online access and customer support. Our system works for you, not against you, in carrying out your fulfillment services needs in a dependable and timely manner. Propel your business forward with modern fulfillment technology. Feel the difference when you manage fulfillment through our innovative and dependable support system.

Our Cutting Edge Fulfillment Software

Monitor inventory, place orders and manage your product and literature fulfillment directly online with Direct Response™, our real-time web-based fulfillment and order management software. 24/7/365 reporting is also available, so you can keep track of your fulfillment projects and their success. Direct Response™ offers a complete online manageability package, directly accessible from any computer with a standard internet connection.

Affordability and Convenience

Our competitive rates and great value services ensure a rewarding investment. Contact us for information on package deals regarding your product fulfillment needs. We strive to offer a convenient one-stop-shop for all your product fulfillment and warehousing needs. On top of that, we offer 24/7/365 direct access online to your account through Direct Response™, our innovative order and inventory management system.

Outstanding Customer Service

Customer Satisfaction Is Our #1 Priority! Our company has grown based on our core values of quality, customer service and technology. We have a passion for excellence and we deliver results. Find out how we can help you.

Reliability and Accountability

As Houston’s premier fulfillment specialist, you can depend on us to get the job done in a timely, effective, and efficient manner. Our goal is to satisfy you, the customer, and we place top priority on delivery and attention to detail. From shipping to warehousing your business is in good hands with Direct Resources, Inc.


Our loyalty to our customers since 1985 has motivated us to grow each year to accommodate a wider range of customers’ needs. We put the customer needs first, from a bigger warehousing location to state of the art online fulfillment software, you can count on us to step it up. Your satisfaction is most important to us, so do not hesitate to make special requests or speak with us on how we can better serve you. We are fulfillment specialists.